Monday, 4 December 2017

I Origins and Superstring Theory

So far I have restricted myself to not post anything that are not related to computers and technology in this blog, but I decided it is time to change that as I do not see why not to. And then this blog is not a lore on computing and my intentions change and my thoughts adapt to changing situations just like any normal human being. So with that said, let us take a small dive into the wilderness.

I am touched by the I Origins movie which I watched a couple of months ago and ever since I am wondering on and off about the existence of something unknown to me as in what we would call God. My thought process is like, organisms that do not have the PAX6 gene do not have any idea or perception about vision. And then the organism gets the gene added and it starts experiencing the world around it in a total different way. It might be able to handle the sensory perceptions or it might not.

Now what if there are forces, vibrations that we are not able to detect but exists all along with us. Superstring theory suggests that there are more dimensions than the ones we perceive. Kaluza-Klein gravity merges Einstein's general theory of relativity (gravity) with Maxwell's theory of electro-magnetism by adding a fifth dimension, but we do not observe them because they are compactified, which means are microscopic in nature. But there are other explanations that are not based on compactification, like projective geometry which says these extra dimensions are not physically real and thus cannot be observed. Or non-compactification theory which suggests that extra dimensions are physical, but relaxes the cylindricity condition (physics depending on the first four coordinates), but the effects are negligible when unit conversions are considered. Nevertheless the point is that there can be extra-dimensions that we do not really understand and perceive as we have not yet had that thought, or concrete evidence or we lack something analogous to the PAX6 gene that would allow us to perceive the world around us in a different way.

We do not have the answers yet, whatever that might be and the search continues, which makes this subject a very interesting fascination of mine.

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