Friday, 22 December 2017

Learning Never Ends - University of York

It is official. I am now a student in the Department of Mathematics at the University of York, UK. Just thinking about it itself gives me this warm and cozy feeling. Plus a bit of anxiety because this time I have to be honest with myself and put some effort to get the degree. I applied for Masters in Mathematical Finance (Online) program. I got a conditional offer where I take the pre-sessional course, Mathematics for Quantitative Finance and depending on the results, I get to join the main course. Because my marks for my graduate degree was not exceptional and I am not in touch with Maths much for the past seven years as in I don't do intense Maths on a daily basis at work. The advantage of this particular programme is that it is self paced and I can learn and complete assignments depending on my schedule mostly, then discuss with my tutor and the exam is open ended which means I really have to understand the concepts and apply it. Also this helps me a lot because I can still continue my career and do my studies. Also doing only one thing makes me bored. This will keep me focused and will makes me busy. Plus in the end, I will be doing some rigorous learning and discussions with real Mathematicians and it comes with a degree as opposed to sitting in some corner and reading some books alone.

I did much research on available courses from many Universities and I found this to suite my taste very well because it includes Mathematics, Finance and Computing. Truth be told, I never imagined that my journey would take me to this path.

In my previous trip to UK, I visited Oxford University and nearby areas. Hopefully, my next visit to UK will be to York. Learning never ends.

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