Saturday, 29 August 2009

Virtual Jackpot

This is a nifty app made to simulate a jackpot race. After clicking the start button, the horses get loaded and a next button appears on the screen. Clicking the next button makes a dice to roll at random, and corresponding to the outcome of the dice, the horse is advanced one step forward. The step is repeated until one of the horse crosses the finishing line first. The horse which reaches the finishing point first is the winner and the game stops.

Initially, people purchase tickets for their horse of choice, and if this horse wins the person gets a handful of money, similar to a real jackpot. The outcome is unpredictable since it is based on pseudo-random numbers. This is done as a part of a mid-term 2009 event for my college. The dice rolling animation is done by my friend, using Cinema 4D. The program is written in ActionScript 3.0 and run on Adobe Flash Platform.

Some Screens