Sunday, 24 June 2018

Ambling on a Sunday Evening

It is not that there are very many people that I know who enjoys ambling through ruins. A very strange hobby if I may say. I do enjoy long walks, alone. A rather boring evening that was today when I decided that I would have a walk without any specific route in my mind to start with.

In the mist of evening drizzle, I ambled my way to the park enjoying the drops of sprinkle, the lovely breeze whispering, empty pavements through the horizon, leaves dancing, a breath of fresh air to soothe the mind, bringing colourful memories.

I sit by near the tree, watching the winds make the water dance, the waves playing music. As time pass by, I came to the realisation of certain understanding which was rather misunderstandings, and that some things are better left alone, and no matter what I could say, there is no way to change the past. As the evening pass by, another page in history was written and memories woven.

Dedicated to a very special person, of whom an admirer I am.

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